Mischief on the mind!

Mischief on the mind!

We asked some of the Original Mischief makers what their favourite Mischief show to be in was. 

Here's what they had to say.... 

Henry Lewis: I’ve enjoyed being in all the Mischief shows, but I think probably my favourite to be in was Peter Pan Goes Wrong! I really enjoyed that show, it's really really fun and I get to do a lot of pretty crazy stuff. I play Robert, so I got to be a dog and I got to be Peter Pans shadow and stuff and fall off of things. But I am also really looking forward to doing the new shows, Groan Ups, I’m actually really looking forward to doing that. 

Dave Hearn: My favourite play to be in was either The Comedy About A Bank Robbery or Michief Movie Night, as you get to make new stuff up every night.

Jonathan Sayer: Probably Peter Pan Goes Wrong because its just so much fun to do, I’m playing loads of different characters. On stage I find all the stuff I get to do quite funny and ridiculous. But I also enjoy the backstage, the track for everyone is probably more ludicrous than what you’re doing on stage, you’re literally changed into a dog costume or mermaid costume and put into rollerblades and pushed across the stage.

Henry Shields: I haven’t enjoyed any of them…The Play That Goes Wrong is probably the most bad.

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